<strong>Manual</strong> of <strong>mineralogy</strong> - Cornelis Klein, Cornelius Searle.

Manual of mineralogy after dana

Manual of mineralogy - Cornelis Klein, Cornelius Searle.

Author: James Dwht Dana Title: Dana's manual of mineralogy for the student of elementary mineralogy, the mining engineer, the geologist, the prospector, the collector, etc Publisher: New York, J.


Manual of Mineralogy after James D. Dana Cornelius Klein.

Wiley & Sons; [etc., etc.] Subject (keywords, tags): Mineralogy Contributor: University of California Libraries Format: txt Size: 253 kb A text-book of mineralogy : with an extended treatise on crystallography and physical mineralogyby Edward Salisbury Dana Elements of mineralogyby Frank Rutley Introduction to optical mineralogy and petrography : the practical methods of identifying minerals in thin section with the microscope and the principles involved in the classification of rocksby M. Sewell Structural geologyby Charles Kenneth Leith Prospecting for minerals : a practical handbook for prospectors, explorers, settlers, and all interested in the opening-up and development of new landsby S.

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Manual of Mineralogy James Dwht Dana 9781603861021.

Biotite is a phyllosilicate (sheet silicate) mica mineral.

Full text of "Dana's manual of mineralogy for the student of.

Pronunciation: BUY•oh•tht (accent on capitalized syllable) Color: black, dark green, dark brown Streak: -- Luster: splendent (very shiny) Diaphaneity: translucent; may appear opaque in hand specimen Hardness: 2.5-3 Specific gravity:2.8-3.2 Cleavage/fracture: 1 -- breaks in paper-thin flexible elastic sheets Other distinguishing properties: The black color and thin elastic cleavage sheets are diagnostic; found in many types of neous and metamorphic rocks. S., Jr., 1999, Manual of Mineralogy (after James D.

Manual of mineralogy after dana:

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