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Manual motorola v60i gsm

List of Motorola V series phones - pedia

Archived from s: alt.cellular.motorola (More info? )I have a used V60 tri-band GSM phone that I received as a gift. Would someone be kind enough to tell me the proper name for this phone?


Motorola V60i - Full phone specifications - GSM

I thought it was a V60i (for internatonal) but now see from browsing this board that it's not.

<i>Motorola</i> <i>V60i</i> - Full phone specifications - <i>GSM</i>

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The V60i expanded upon the hugely popular V60 model. A common problem with this model was the antenna snapping off for no particular reason.

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Instead of reing the model, Motorola introduced the V60t Color, a large improvement from its predecessor (now discontinued).

Manual motorola v60i gsm:

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