Breath alcohol analysis and the <em>lion</em> <em>intoxilyzer</em>® <em>6000</em> in.

Lion intoxilyzer 6000 manual

Breath alcohol analysis and the lion intoxilyzer® 6000 in.

It is compliant with the OIML R 126 1998 [E] specification.


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Analytiy it operates using five filters in the 3 micron infrared region, for fast and specific ethanol analysis.

Breath alcohol analysis and the <em>lion</em> <em>intoxilyzer</em>® <em>6000</em> in.

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Range are full-blown evidential systems, based on infrared analysis for alcohol quantification.

Product Details - Lion Breath Alcohol Analysis equipment

Breath sampling wise, each uses efficient alcohol expirogram against real-time monitoring, to ensure that only deep lung air is supplied for analysis, and that the specimen is unpolluted by any residual mouth alcohol.

Lion intoxilyzer 6000 manual:

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