Two-Way <b>Radio</b>

Clip d radio manual

Two-Way Radio

The behavior of the paste command changes depending on the setting of "Editing clips can move other clips" in Tracks Preferences.


GX Series User Manual - QSC

If the option is checked pasting is always possible and following audio is shifted to make room.

MGC Operator's <em>Manual</em> - Gas <em>Clip</em> Technologies

VX-264 Operating Manual - Vertex Standard

If this option is not checked there must be room for the pasted audio.

UM380 25 Watt Fixed Mount Marine Radio with DSC - Uniden

When you select Paste and the cursor is outside a clip, and there is enough room for the audio that is on the clipboard, the audio on the clipboard can be inserted without any other clips being shifted over if "Editing clips can move other clips" is not checked.

Clip d radio manual:

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